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i-Angel Sound finally arrived

Welcome to i-Angel Sound, an interactive auditory training and hearing assessment  program that lets you take control of your listening rehabilitation independently or self-administer your functional hearing test at home. You gain practice in discriminating and identifying sounds and speech components through a series of self-paced modules that cover different aspects of the listening process. The level of difficulty cane be adjusted to match your developing listening skills. The program provides audio-visual feedback, highlighting areas you can continue to practice. Focused on practice and improvement of your listening skills, i-Angel Sound compliments your clinic rehabilitation and functional hearing test program. Latest version (V1.3.2) included the following updates: 1. Allow the user to listen all sounds automatically instead of one-by-one sound by clicking. 2. Allow the user to change the view (record page, main page, and setting) by figure swiping. 3. Optimize the selected image view in the module with images. 4. Allow the user to zoom out the choice buttons during testing. i-Angel Sound TM  is an i-OS and FREE version of “Angel Sound, an auditory rehabilitation program based on CAST technology. For more details about PC-based  Angel Sound, please visit the website:


天使语训是针对电子耳蜗使用者和助听器佩戴者提高听觉感知能力的需要而研发的。 电子 耳蜗是目前让许多彻底失去听觉能力的朋友重新听到声音信号的一电子装置。然而对许多 植入电子耳蜗装置的使用者来说依靠电流刺激来感知声音是一份完全崭新的体验。对某些 病人来说,学会使用电子耳蜗来感知声音信号并非一件容易的事,一般需要在言语康复师 辅导下一段很长的耗时而且耗费的训练过程。目前市场上,几乎没有为电子耳蜗使用者设 计的居家听能康复训练工具,昱琳天使基金(原名泰格语音技术)推出了这一套方便居家 旅行使用的手机版天使语训听能康复系统。用户还可以根据自身言语识别的能力选择训练 的难度,选择的字词数目和聆听环境。此软件同时提供简单的测试和训练结果小结,包括 测试训练的数目,平均成绩和最好成绩等等来让用户跟踪语训的进展。结合言语康复师的 辅导,此软件训练系统为使用电子耳蜗或者助听器的儿童改善和提高言语感知能力提供了 方便实用的在家语训工具。这套系统同时也适用于助听器使用者及其它希望改善和提高听 觉能力的人士以及用于培养和训练孩子学习语言的工具。最新的版本1.0.3增加了下面的一 些功能: 增加了适合儿童语训的五个模块,包括常用字词,动物名称,食物名称,环境声音 和简单字词。这些模块采用了图像和语音相结合的方式以适应儿童语训的需要; 更改了背景图像; 修正了一些小错误。  

Not Familiar with the Sound? Please try

Sound Explorer to Preview the Sound in

Daily Life.

One useful function in Angel Sound is to preview all the sounds, especially for all those unfamiliar sounds. Such program is also useful for children to learn all the sounds associated with environments, events, words et. Preview function is embedded in the Angel Sound program but not in i-Angel Sound program. Sound Explorer is a compliment program to i-Angel Sound. Current Sound Explorer contains sounds from six different categories, i.e. Environmental Sounds, Food Name, Animal Name, Music Instruments, Alphabet/Number, and Colors. By cliking the image in the device, the device will play the sound associated with the image or words.

Thinking about improving your music

appreciation via CIs? please try Melodic

Contour Identification.

Melodic Contour Identification “MCI” program is designed to quantify the listeners’ ability to recognize musical melodies. For the MCI task, test stimuli are nine distinct  melodic contours composed of 5 notes of equal duration whose frequencies corresponded to musical intervals. The difficulty is controlled by the semitones between successive notes. This program provides a unique testing and training tool for anyone who is interesting at improving their awareness of melodies, thereby improving their music appreciation. The current version (v1.0.1) also allows the user to select the instrument (piano or organ), the basenote and the semitones between notes. The smalelr the semitones, the more difficult the test. The program also allows the users to train themselves with training setting (i.e. allow the highlighted feedback based on the users’ selection).

How well you can understand speech in 

noise? Please try Digits in Noise Test to

find out.

Digit Span Test is a program that can be used to measure working memory's number storage capacity. The listeners are presented with a series of digits (e.g., 8, 3, 6) and must immediately repeat them back. If the answer is correct, a longer list will be presented. The length of the longest list a person can remember on 50% of all trials is that person's digit span. The latest version (v1.0.3) also allows the user to control the language and speakers.  For bilingual users, it is a perfect tool to see which language will be used for your working memory. It is fun. The latest version also allows the user to view the historical result summary, including the number of runs, the mean score and the best scores etc.

What is your working memory? please try 

Digit Span Test. 

Digits in Noise Test is a program that can be used to measure your ability to recognize digits (or speech) in the presence of background noise. The listeners are presented with a series of digits (generally 3 digits) with noise and must immediately repeat them back. If the answer is correct, a different list will be presented with reduced signal-to- noise ratio. The signal-to-noise ratio a person can identify digits on 50% of all trials is that person's speech (or digit) recognition threshold. The latest version (v1.0.4) also allows the user to control the language and speakers.  For bilingual users, it is a perfect tool to see which language you can do better in nois. It is fun. The future version will allow the user to review the historical data.

Want to Improve the Sentence Level

Speech Understanding in Noise? please try 

Concatenated Sentence Recognition in


Cancatenated sentence recognition in noise (10x5) test is to measure the user's ability to recognize sentences in the background noise using a closed-set approach. Five-word sentences are generated in real-time using cancatenation methods. Sentences with desired SNR will be presented and the user must choose the correct words. If the answer is correct, sentences with lower SNR will be presented. The lowest SNR that a person can recognize 50% of all trials is that person's sentence recognition threshold.
i-Angel Sound, V1.2.2
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